Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Who are ya? an event in Tate Exchange at Tate Modern in London

Dates: August 6-11 2019
Times: 12-6pm each day
Address: Level 5, Blavatnik Building, Tate Modern, London SE1 9TG
Tate Exchange website:
Who are ya?:
Plan your visit:
This is a free event for all ages, no tickets required just drop in.

Our corner of Tate Exchange for 'Who are ya?' with a view of Blackfriars Bridge and the Thames.

We'll be collaborating with businesses, community groups and individuals affected by the plans discussed in our book 'Tottenham's Trojan Horse?' to create displays, video installations, participatory activities and a conversation area for 'Who are ya?' at Tate Exchange. 'Who are ya?' will reflect on football, identity and art with many other groups and individuals taking part (please see Tate Exchange for details). We were contacted by the organiser because of 'Tottenham's Trojan Horse?' which explores social issues related to the new Tottenham Hotspur football stadium.

Martin Bates and Ilhan Parlayan of Martin Bates Design ( are making a Trojan horse for the event. Click here for more information.

A Trojan horse by is under construction. Updates will be posted here and on a post dedicated to it.

Copies of 'Tottenham's Trojan Horse?' will be on sale in the Tate Modern bookshop during the event.

Information about other Trojan horse activities and displays to come soon.

This post will be updated as information comes through. Information about our book and what we do is in other posts on this blog. You can email us via the contact form or send Amanda Lillywhite a DM on Twitter.

Tottenham's Trojan Horse? by Mark Panton and Amanda Lillywhite. Available at Housmans Bookshop, Foyles and online at Big Cartel.

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